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Contacts Information

Viale Santa Margherita, 80, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy.
Tel. +39 0721 458787
For any technical question concerning the use of the INT3D-Editor, read HELP carefully or consult the technical cards for each element in INT3D models.

If you still have questions contact us at:

For any information concerning the use of the INT3D System for commercial purposes you must contact us at:

We are also available for our commercial offers for:
  • Furniture manufacturers that want to show their products through the INT3D System.
  • Fittings producers (such as tiles, marbles, parquet ...) that want to advertise their trademarks through the INT3D System.
  • Study and creation of VRML based systems/tools for particular commercial needs.
  • Creating of any kind of object and 3D virtual interactive scenes both for publishing on the web and for offline multimedial presentation.
For curiosities, suggestions or any other general information concerning the system please contact us at:

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